ON – ONA – ONO? Genders in Polish!

Nominative singular! With that case starts the whole journey through the Polish declination system. To not get lost you need to know how to recognize genders in Polish. Let me take you there!

Dopełniacz – Genitive Step 2

It is never enough about Genitive! It is our star of Polish declination – popular and everyone need to know it! Ready for the second meeting with this celebrity?

Accusative Step2 phrases and pronouns

Accusative case we use not only after many Polish verbs but also after some preopositions. Did you know that? Do you know also forms of pronpuns in Accusative case?


Rozumieć polski… A dream of many! Is that possible at all? We don’t know the answer for that question. But we can help you to unederstand Polish little bit more!

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