ON – ONA – ONO? Genders in Polish!

Nominative singular! With that case starts the whole journey through the Polish declination system. To not get lost you need to know how to recognize genders in Polish. Let me take you there!

Accusative plural

Accusative plural is a mix of cases you probably already know well! Check out what they are.

All plural forms – MIX

Are you sure when to say oni and when one? Plural forms may be tricky… So let’s learn more about them!

Co to jest Polish Cafe?

Polish Cafe… what it could be? Any guess? What is the first thing coming to your mind? Let’s check it out!

Celownik – Step 2

Miło mi poznać! That phrase is one of the first you learn in a Polish language course. Did you know that there is the Dative case hidden?

Dative case – last but not least!

Dative is a little bit shy case… not a star and mostly needs some company. Don’t forget about him! Help him to be more present in your Polish!

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